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The Jackson Family

The Jackson Family have been tenant
farmers here at Home Farm for
50 years and cattle farmers
for many generations.
Alistair & Lucy Jackson >

Alistair is developing a herd of Aberdeen Angus suckler cows to provide beef for the farm shop which his wife Lucy runs.
The aim is to rear beef that is fed on grass and grass products grown slowly on the farm.

The Aberdeen Angus cattle can be seen in the parkland meadows and riverside pastures during the summer months.
Much of the land at Beningbrough is situated alongside the river Ouse and has always been subject to flooding.  The flooding leaves silt deposits on this land known as  Ings land, which creates, deep alluvial mineral rich soils well known as excellent cattle fattening pastures.

Together with the choice of Aberdeen Angus breed, which is acknowledged to be the best tasting beef available, we believe we have a superb combination of a natural, grass based, first quality breed of cattle.

The cattle are fed on a natural grass based and GM free diet and raised to the highest welfare standards.

Prior to being on sale in the shop the beef is hung on the bone for a minimum of 3 weeks, it is this hanging  time that enhances the flavour and tenderness of the beef.

The name Aberdeen Angus is the instant trade mark for the best beef in the world.  The characteristics that make Aberdeen Angus the first choice for quality are the fine tissues of marbling fat through the lean meat which ensures tenderness, juiciness and flavour when cooked – You will agree with us when you have tried some!


At this years FARMA we won a “RISING STAR” AWARD presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, this is in recognition of our growing business and saying that we are “ones to watch for the future..

Fine Farm Produce Awards

National Trust Fine Farm Produce Award

for our Aberdeen Angus Beef

Beef from Beningbrough Home Farm near York proved a hit with all the judges. This winner had ‘good flavour and texture’ said Karen Barnes,
whilst Henrietta Green described the flavour as ‘light and grassy.’.

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Winners of the Countryside Alliance Awards

Countryside Alliance Awards

Yorkshire Champions

Simon Hamlyn comments “their produce is delicious, healthy and, most importantly, with high animal welfare standards at the core of production“.

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Yorkshire Post

Mark Casci

A great endorsement for the Shop from a special visitor recently…..

“The Farm shop is one of the more striking and homely enterprises I have come across in Yorkshire and its shelves are home to some of the best produce the region has to offer”

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As well as serving our home reared beef and home baked produce we also stock the following brands:


See our cattle grazing in the parkland during the summer months along with our small flock of Jacob sheep as well as our pet goats Darcey and Tiffin.
Our son Isaac is also busy rearing his own small flock of Texel sheep.

Jacob the Sheep

Jacob the Sheep

Darcey & Tiffin the Goats

Darcey & Tiffin the Goats

Aberdeen Angus Cattle

Daisy the Cow

In the winter months the cattle are housed on the farm and kept nice and warm whilst being fed on grass sileage that Alistair cuts in the summer months.

Freedom Food

Darcey & Tiffin like to keep cosy and warm in their stable too.
The Jacob Sheep are a hardy variety and are able to stay outside all year round.